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This guide will provide you with a brief introduction on how to easily link a Premium Overleaf account (Institutional account) to your Mendeley library and use it for all your Overleaf projects.

Overleaf is a cloud-based LaTeX editor.

This object is first used in the fall semester at DTU 2022, by Jeannette Ekstrøm, DTU Library.

Learning objectives

After following this guide, you will be prepared to use references and papers saved in your Mendeley library by synchronizing them with your Overleaf paper.


Citing correctly is crucial, both for students and researchers. By citing accurately and appropriately, you demonstrate your ability to credit others’ work and prevent accusations of plagiarism.

Tools such as Mendeley, Zotero, and similar applications play a pivotal role in academic skills like reference management. You can save references you discover from bibliographic databases like Web of Science, Scopus, and even Google Scholar to a reference management tool like Mendeley. Subsequently, you can cite these papers in your assignments and reports, regardless of the writing editor you use.

Mendeley and Overleaf integrate well with each other. By synchronizing (authorizing) between the two systems, you ensure that ‘your reference library’ is always easily accessible.

Tips: It is crucial to consistently maintain and update your Mendeley library and ensure that the bibliographic information/metadata is accurate and usable. Otherwise, the final ‘reference list/bibliography’ may appear incorrect and disorganized. Typically, a reference list includes information about the author(s), article title, year, source, publisher, and page numbers.


The training exercise

Once you have logged in or created accounts for both Mendeley and Overleaf, the next step is to synchronize your updated Mendeley library with your Overleaf account.

To accomplish this, open your browser, log in to, and access your ‘account settings.’

Then, scroll down until you locate the section that includes ‘Reference manager integration,’ and select [LINK].

From now on, it will be easy for you to import your Mendeley Library (specifically Mendeley Library groups work best) into your Overleaf projects/papers. You can then effortlessly cite and create reference lists without much hassle.

External resources

Refer to the Overleaf guide for additional information and specific instructions. Alternatively, watch the video (approximately 7 minutes) for step-by-step guidance on how to synchronize between the two systems.


Create by Jeannette EkstrømDTU LibraryPublished under CC-BY-NC